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Welcome to Cotulla

Home of the best Texas hunting in the heart of Eagle Ford Shale

Hours of Operation

Mon - Sun: 8am - 6pm
After Hours Available

24/7 Pilot Lounge


Line Services

  • Professional, experienced line crew.

  • Three Jet A refuelers with single point and over the wing fueling.

  • A&P-IA on staff.

  • 24/7 service available.

Car and SUV Rentals

  • Premium sedans, midsize and full size SUVs on the airport.

  • Discounts for multi-day rentals.

  • Delivery and pickup are possible.

Terminal Amenities

  • Large conference room seats 12+.

  • Spacious facilities with local art.

  • 24/7 Pilot Lounge, shower and snooze room.

  • Flight Planning Room/Business Center.

"ET & Scott are absolutely wonderful and provide excellent full service. Great service at a great price! Thanks for being there for us!"

- Frank R.  

Cotulla-LaSalle County Airport

National Weather Service station on the airport!

  • Only airport in the area with 24/7 METARs and TAFs.

  • ASOS provides continuous official weather on 118.32 and 830-879-2861.

  • Real-time data can also be requested from UNICOM on 122.7.

Longest runway, large ramp, and the best instrument approaches in the area!

  • 6,005' x 75' runway with 4-bar PAPI lights.

  • PCN 41 - 147,000# max weight (dual)

  • VOR and GPS-LPV approaches down to 250' and 3/4 mile visibility.

  • Full-length taxiway.

Well suited for a wide range of operations!

  • Centrally located in the Eagle Ford Shale with easy access to numerous ranches.

  • High deer-resistant fence surrounding the runway operations area.

  • Extensive security lighting and video surveillance.

Get in Touch

550 Airport Rd, Cotulla, TX 78014, USA

Phone: (830) 879-3858

Fax: (830) 879-3011

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